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Monday, January 20, 2020

State of the Stash, January 20, 2020

Things have gotten out of hand around my house and are really starting to drive me nuts....and when that Work on downsizing and organizing the stash started this past week.  My goal is to organized everything once again as I downsize and get rid of things that I'm unlikely to use.  Some will be donated, some sold, and some given away.  A move is possible in the future depending on what happens job-wise, so I'd really like things to be better organized before that.

To hold myself accountable, I'll post here at least twice a month on how I'm doing.  All that is going out from the stash is being measured in inches.

This week I tackled most of the boxes of clothing and non-quilting fabrics.  Not done were the box(es)/tote(s) of fabrics that have been bought over the years for totes.  5 xerox boxes were emptied for reuse as I work with the quilting cottons, what remains has been better organized.

Also tackled were 3 paper grocery bags full scraps that had been previously pulled out (now given away) and a couple of boxes of quilting cottons.  All solids are now together in one tote.........and I've realized I don't need to buy black or white Kona for a long time with the equivalent of about 6-8 bolts of black and 4 of white on hand.....oops.............

Fabric Out for January 20 - 17.778 Yds
Fabric In for January 20 - 2 yds
Fabric pulled for donation - 115 yds+
Fabric ready to be sent off - 5 yds

Total In/Out since January 1st - 15.778 yds

2020 Goal - 250 yds

To go till goal - 234.222 yds

Linking up with quiltpaintcreate today:

1. For the fun of working with the fabrics in my 401F

2. For being able to pull fabrics for paying projects and gifts from my stash


Donna said...

Welcome! Thanks for joining us. Good luck sorting and organizing your fabrics. I did that last year and wondered who bought all those batiks in my stash.

Susan said...

Yay! That's a lot down already. You're making a lot of progress on organizing, and I know where some of that fabric went. LOL