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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Commissioned Quilt Progress - Bear #5 and setting blocks

I've finished making the 5th bear and have started working on the setting blocks for the quilt while drawing up the next few patterns.

This is Colette and she is wearing her new Easter dress and is waiting for the Easter egg hunt to begin.  =) (Yes, I know this is a repost on the pic....lol)

There will be three different setting blocks in the quilt.   I've finished all of block 1 (qty 5), started working on block 3 (11 of 24 made, but not trimmed to size yet), and still need to make 8 of block 2.  No pic yet of the latest setting blocks, but it will be coming.

As I was working on pulling fabric for the setting blocks, I was looking for blue prints that would go with the focus print fabric I'm using in setting blocks 1 and 3.   And fast came to the conclusion that the blues I like tend to not be the light to mediums that are in the print.   I've tons of medium to dark blues, teals, and turquoises.....but not the lighter ones....sigh.   Hmmm, maybe I should ask for those next year for my shoebox....lol.

At any rate, this quilt is progressing and I hope to have a good bit of it done by the time that I leave for QuiltCon next week.  =)

1. QuiltCon is almost here, and that means I'm closer to spending time with a long-time friend.  =)

2. Love the way my new camera is working.  =)

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desertskyquilts said...

Thanks for not saying OLD friend. LOL! Six days and a sleep!