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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Machine Applique Hints

For those that are doing the BOM in machine applique, but aren't necessarily that experienced in doing it, here are a few hints that might help you.

1. Adjust your tension in the upper thread so that it is just a little less than what the bobbin is set at.   This will pull the upper thread to the underside of your block which will keep your bobbin thread from showing on the front of the block.

The pic here shows what the back of one of my blocks look like.   I've used the same color thread through my stitching (and nope, it doesn't match the colors on the front!).   You can see where the thread from the front has been pulled to the back, esp. in the lower left and upper right of the pic.   This is what you want.   However, don't get the tension off set too much or the fabric could pucker.

2.  For pieces where what is being stitched down with a satin stitch is very small, like the eyes, I will typically do two things.  First, I'll stitching around the outside of the piece.  Then, second, I will stitch in vertical, overlapping rows over all of the piece so that all that can be seen is just an embroidered section.

3.  I highly recommend using an open-toed presser foot when doing satin-stitching or button-hole stitching.  This kind of foot will give you greater visibility and will make it easier for you to see where the edge of your fabric pieces are.   If your machine did not come with one, then you should be able to find one on the internet without a lot of problems.

Now if only I could remember to put mine on before I start stitching!  LOL

4.  And last hint for today, remember to use a stabilizer such as "Stitch-n-tear" when doing your satin stitching in order to keep the fabric from puckering.  You can either put one big piece behind the entire block, or like me I put a 1.5" strip along the edges where I'm stitching


1. People seem to like the BOM blocks

2. I have a window in my office which allows me to see outside and to feel the warmth of the sunlight, even when it is blinding as the sun rises in the morning.

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